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Online Steam Course Module #1

  • 4Days
  • 7Steps


Basic introductory course, designed to give participants a general understanding about steam, as means of industrial thermal energy transportation. It would also equip participants to understand how steam is produced and the properties therewith. The basic components of steam plant would also be touched on, highlighting the functions and importance of same. By the end of the module, participants will a. understand and appreciate how steam is generated from water. b. understand the various properties of steam. c. importance of ensuring good quality steam in the factory processes. d. able to explain saturation and saturation temperature, and distinguish between superheated and saturated steam. e. understand and explain the modes of heat transfer and relates them to their normal day-to-day operational activities. f.. appreciate the need to supply steam in required quantities and at required quality. g. be able to explain the relation between steam pressure, temperature and volume. h. be able to distinguish between steam flowrate and steam pressure and understand how the two affect each other. i. be able to estimate steam flow quantities. j. describe the layout of steam plant and explain the basic function of each element.

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