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What We Do for You

BRILLIANZ Energy Solutions is a body of professionals and experts in the field of industrial energy engineering. Our scope of delivery spans from consultancy services, through engineering to operation, with ultimate objectives of enhanced plant availability and reliability, higher safety results, improved efficiency and reduced cost through sequential optimization of your operations, with our core focus on boilers and related accessories, water treatment plants, HRSGs, Steam turbo-machinery of various kinds, compressed air systems, and the related.  Seeing human resource as the most valuable aspects of an industrial settings, we commit to take care of your operating staff, transforming them from the conventional push-button operatives to super-skilled professionals, through our well-structured skill development and training program.

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Our Consultancy Services

Carefully Thinking Through From Planning, Through Engineering, To Execution

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BRILLIANZ Energy Solutions, as your most reliable energy solutions partners, professionally guides you through your all stages of your energy plant projects, our scope of delivery as

  • Analyzing your energy need and recommending almost risk-free solution options.

  • Providing optimum layout options per available resources to best suit prevailing constraints.

  • Aiding your organization to realize optimum returns on your investments.

Our unlimited consultancy services in areas below;

  • Water Treatment Plant projects.

  • Hot Water and Steam Boiler projects.

  • Steam Power Plant projects.

  • Steam Turbo-Alternator projects of various configurations.

  • COGEN or CHP system projects.

Always serving you with high commitment and dedication.

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Our Optimization Services

Appreciable ROI Always Assured.

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Plant Setup Optimization

Availability and Sustainability Matter Most

Existing plant setup is reviewed through comprehensive audit, regarding the availability, safety, efficiency and cost, and general management, referencing national regulations and international codes and standards.  Here, we also adopt well-proven best practices to promote availability and reliability, safety, efficiency as well effective management of your energy plant.

Combustion Fine-tuning

Well Controlled Combustion, Less Losses

Your boiler is fine-tuned to ensure complete combustion, to control combustible and carbon losses. This optimization further gives an effective air-to-fuel balance to help reduce stack losses.  Air leaks into the boiler combustion process is eliminated or controlled to minimum.  Flue gas waste heat are considered for recovery and re-utilization.

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Mass & Energy Leaks Control

A Comprehensive Approach

Systematic plant audit, undertaken to identify points of mass and energy leaks.  Every leak is money to the drain.  Under this, comprehensive steam trap survey is conducted to identify failing traps, and to work them out. Condensate mapping is done to identify potential areas of losses for redress. We  optimize your boiler water chemistry to ensure boiler runs free from scales, hence improved heat transfer.  Well stipulated Cycle of Concentration, to control blowdown losses, is assured. Fireside fouling is also monitored and redressed accordingly.

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Skill Development & Training

Human Resource, Your Most Valuable Assets.  Add More Value.

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Today plant operations and management call for high level of expertise.  Operator knowledge base is identified to be a key player in effective energy plant performance in line of availability and reliability, safety and sustainability, economics, and the general management.  There is the need for operator knowledge upgrade, which translates to the need for consistent training to always stay in tune with the dynamic technological trend.

Looking for a total shift from conventional push-button operations to competency-base performance, then BRILLIANZ Energy Solutions remains your one-stop most reliable partner.

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In-house & Onsite Training

Meet Our Experts

Well-structured programme, offered in two sections, as
·       in-house introductory lessons.  
·       on-site practical training.
This programme is structured to suit plant specific needs, thereby giving the participants stronger commands over their individual plants.

Online Training & Interactions

Distance Doesn’t Matter

A long-term online training and skill development program that offers the flexibility for our clients to benefit from the comfort of their offices.  Distance is never a barrier.  Here, we provide a forum for client-base interaction, giving the opportunity to share experience and to learn from others.

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Hire Our Professionals

You Drive Your Destiny

Own our highly skilled professionals, sculptured through years of intensive sections of on-the-job experience, coupled with guided developmental tasks carried out in most plants.  Our professionals have extensive exposure in the fields of energy plant operations and management. Hire our professional and have a turn-over.

Plant Management Support Services

Get More Organized Than Ever

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We help you get well organized in

  • House keeping.

  • Operational logs and records keeping.

  • Data organization and analysis.

  • SOPs organization.

  • Staff JDs preparation.

  • As per plant troubleshooting guides.

  • Boiler water chemistry and quality control.

  • Scheduling personnel training and refreshers.

  • P&IDs development.

  • Safe working procedures.

  • Standard reporting formatting and implementation.

We ensure your energy plant is a sanity through best practices.

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Plant Maintenance Support Services

Well Structured Maintenance, Your Key to Availability & Reliability

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Our plant maintenance support services include

·       Preventive Maintenance scheduling.

·       Periodic or Routine Checks scheduling.

·       Critical Spare Parts Inventory and Control.

·       Condition Monitoring and Analysis.

·       Failure Diagnosis.

·       RCM Structuring and Modelling.

·       Boiler Fire-sides Conditioning.

·       Chemical De-scaling.

·       General Mechanical Repairs.

·       Refractory Repairs.

·       General Boiler Maintenance.

·       Motor & Generator Rewinding

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